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  • Sheung Yiu,Ground Truth
  • Sheung Yiu,Ground Truth
Sheung Yiu,Ground Truth
Ground Truth
€ 25.00
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What is the relation between what we see and what is there? Ground Truth is a story about the act of seeing, and observes the evolution of visual technology in conversation with our perception and surroundings. A group of scientists set out to approach the boundaries of satellite imaging in the forests of Finland. Their quest is to develop an improved interpretation model of satellite data for remote sensing research, which allows us to distinguish various features of the surface beyond what is shown optically in a satellite image. In Ground Truth Sheung Yiu (HK/FI) interweaves archival imagery, documentary photography, experimental data and artistic work, to acquaint the reader with the complexity of seeing in the age of algorithms.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie:

Paperback / softback
176 pagina's
Met illustraties
November 2021
500 gram
250 x 179 x 25 mm
EAN: 9789492051745
The Eriskay Connection

Levertijd: 2 tot 3 werkdagen