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  • Remco van Riet,Innolation: Your journey is your destination
  • Remco van Riet,Innolation: Your journey is your destination
Remco van Riet,Innolation: Your journey is your destination
Innolation: Your journey is your destination
Your personal travel guide to navigate life
€ 24.00
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We all love to travel for holidays, but do we enjoy life’s journey?

Navigating life can be challenging. There are no secrets on how to do this best and without one-size-fits-all solutions we have to find our own way. While we have to embrace this challenge, we also want to enjoy life, but we often get stuck in a vicious circle. We live in automatic pilot mode from the moment our Monday morning alarm goes off. Either craving for the weekend, or we continue the rat race, the endless chase of achieving more and barely catching anything. We wanted to enjoy our journey, but we got lost, and now we wonder how we ended up here.

Getting back on track takes time and life has its obstacles. To find your way back, you have to start somewhere. If you want to take a shortcut and only believe in life hacks, this book is not for you. Change is difficult but doable. This book is your personal travel guide, your compass to help you navigate life.

This book contains 8 key concepts for inspiration, 24 key lessons to take in, and 40 questions that make you reflect and come into action. Just like the Lonely Planet, this guide shows you different routes, but you still decide how and where you want to travel. With Innolation you start your own journey of continuous self-discovery. It is about enjoying this process, not only the results. Simply embracing life’s journey as your destination.

Will you travel to follow your own journey?

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie:

Paperback / softback
272 pagina's
Met illustraties
November 2022
352 gram
205 x 134 x 24 mm
EAN: 9789464437492

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