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    Monique van Braak,Black Velvet
    Black Velvet
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    Alannah and her best friend Jeremy are enjoying their life in 1994 London. Alannah works at a bar while Jeremy works in a bookstore. Alannah shares her apartment with her small cat, who she rescued from the city streets. Everywhere she goes, she has a strong cup of coffee and her trusty Ford Anglia. When their quiet life is uprooted by a single phone call, they decide to take a dive into history, and the memories that have been haunting Alannah`s past are suddenly back in full view as they start a search into the unknown... Where will this search lead to?

    Taal / Language : English

    Extra informatie:

    Paperback / softback
    177 pagina's
    September 2020
    238 gram
    210 x 148 x 11 mm
    EAN: 9789464181043
    Brave New Books nl

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