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China) Liu Meaghan (Rmit Univ Australia) Coyle Junfeng (Guangdong Provincial Hospital Of Chinese Medicine

Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine - Volume 16: Atopic Dermatitis

Volume 16: Atopic Dermatitis

€ 99.00

The authors start the book with overviews of the understanding and management of atopic dermatitis in conventional and Chinese medicine. They then review how atopic dermatitis was treated with herbal medicine and other Chinese medicine therapies in past eras, and highlight the treatments that continue to be used in contemporary clinical practice.

The authors use evidence-based medicine principles and scientific techniques to review the current state of evidence from clinical studies of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and combinations of these therapies. Attention is given to studies evaluating these therapies used as an adjunct to conventional treatments. The authors summarise the results of analyses of clinical outcomes and discuss their implications for clinical practice of Chinese medicine and for future research.

This book will inform clinicians and students of Chinese and integrative medicine of the current state of evidence from contemporary and traditional sources. Clinicians can refer to the herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments described in this book to make evidence-based decisions in patient care.

The following features mark the importance of this book in the field:

An innovative `whole evidence` approach: This book combines multiple types of evidence from multiple sources to provide a unique and comprehensive assessment of the available evidence for Chinese medicine in atopic dermatitis

Clinically informative and relevant: This book integrates the results of meta-analyses of clinical trial data with evidence from the classical Chinese medicine literature, and contemporary clinical guidelines for the application of Chinese medicine in atopic dermatitis. Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation is described where available to provide relevance for clinical practice. The full scope of the clinical literature is synthesised to provide matrices of the available evidence

Developed by a skilled team: The authors are internationally recognised, well-respected leaders in the field of Chinese medicine and evidence-based medicine with strong track records in research.

Taal / Language : English

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304 pagina's
November 2019
World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd sg

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen