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School- en studieboeken
Economie,recht en bedrijfskunde algemeen
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Mark Paauwe, Talitha Paauwe-Wijnands

Dragon1 fundamentals Study guide

preparation for the examination dragon1 foundation

€ 39.95

The Dragon1 Fundamentals Study Guide, 1st Edition, prepares architecture professionals for the `Dragon1 Foundation` examination. It also serves as a text book for MBA and Informatics students. This book is very well suited for anyone interested in working with architecture, both as members of projects or participants in planning the architecture of the enterprise. Written by the founders in the Netherlands in 2014, this book offers people around the globe a new and unique approach to design and realize Enterprise Architecture and Integral Solutions much more visually and effective at strategic level.
The reader will learn the basics of the Dragon1 open EA Method by understanding Enterprise Architecture from various angles. This book explains (1) why and how enterprise architecture is or could be applied within the enterprise at a strategic level, (2) what the roles of the architect and stakeholders are, (3) what architecture visualizations can be created, and (4) what architecture products are available and how they are used to realize and implement integrated business IT solutions.
The big question is - how can enterprise architects and managers use Enterprise Architecture at a strategic level to effectively control the risks inherent in enterprise transformation? This study guide addresses this question in a structured way using the Dragon1 Open EA Method. Dragon1 has rediscovered and adopted the power of architecture visualizations and design books to provide decision support to owner/clients analogous to the methods used in the field of building architecture. This study guide highlights the added value of Enterprise Architecture using this metaphor.
Dragon1 is built on the premise that Enterprise Architecture is all about visual design and realization of all architecture domains (i.e. business architecture, information architecture, technical architecture and solution architectures). Architects design total concepts for various enterprise domains and solutions aligned with the enterprise`s strategic vision to deliver value add support in business transformations and IT innovations. Realistic visualizations of current and planned architecture is a powerful technique for owners/clients, stakeholders, users, program managers and specialists to reach a common understanding (insights and overview) of architecture analysis and design within a short period of time as needed to realize and implement integrated and sustainable (future proof) business IT solutions.
Dragon1 provides an Enterprise Architecture framework of guiding principles, consistent glossary of defined architecture terms, reference models, an extensive library of symbols and several defined professional products. In Dragon1, principles are about the way things work; architectures are designed as total concepts and architects are the creative designers of integrated solution. With this approach, Dragon1 offers a full palette of practical aides including checklists, templates, symbols and design rules. Reference models in the Dragon1 EA Framework are available to quickly define one`s own Enterprise Architecture.
This study guide is structured to show the `Ways` and the `Dragon1 Open Standards` of the method, followed by practical examples using Dragon1. The `Way of Thinking` and the `Way of Representing` are discussed in great detail to explain the process oriented and product oriented approach of Dragon1. The chapter on the `Way of Representing` is of particular importance because it describes how visualization of architecture governance design and realization is a key success factor to Enterprise Architecture and Integral Solutions.
Students of Dragon1 can tackle complex issues by creating SMART architecture visualizations. These, in turn, create a common understanding among stakeholders leading to realistic strategic decisions by CxOs and management. This study guide plays an important role to inspire everyone who is involved in working with architecture to apply this new Enterprise Architecture methodology much more effectively at strategic level.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
254 pagina's
Met illustraties
Juli 2014
560 gram
242 x 172 x 21 mm
The Dragon1 Software Company
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