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    L. Annette  Binder,The Vanishing Sky
    The Vanishing Sky
    € 21.95
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    A story of the shattering impact of war on one German family, The Vanishing Sky is a deeply moving portrait of why decent, caring people falter when confronted by evil.
    They`ve wrecked the world, these men, and still they`re not done. They`d take the sky if they could.
    Germany, 1945, and the bombs are falling. In Heidenfeld, Etta and her husband Josef roam an empty nest: their eldest son Max is fighting on the frontlines, while fifteen-year-old Georg has swapped books for guns at a Nürnberg school for the Hitler Youth. At home, news of the war provokes daily doses of fear as the planes grow closer, taking one city after the next.
    When Max is unexpectedly discharged, Etta is relieved to have her eldest home and safe. But soon after he arrives, it`s clear that the boy who left is not the same returned. With Georg a hundred miles away and a husband confronting his own difficult feelings toward patriotic duty, Etta alone must gather the pieces of a splintering family, determined to hold them together in the face of an uncertain future.

    Taal / Language : English

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