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    Joris Merks-Benjaminsen,Online Brand Identity
    Online Brand Identity
    the ultimate guide to designing your (digital) branding strategy
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    Five to ten years form now the majority of all advertising, including TV, radio, print, and outdoor advertising, will be bought through digitla automated trading systems. Imagine a world where people only watch ads they want to watch at moments that suit them, rather than ads we want them to watch at moments that suit us. How would your brand and advertising strategy change? Which of the things you do now would no longer work? Which assets and skills do you lack? Would your job still exist? Are you running the right experiments to be ready for this change? Online brand identity is the ultimate guide to designing your future ready brand and advertising strategy. It offers a brand framework that puts digital thinking at the heart of your business. The framework is illustrated with forty succesful cases from big and small brands. The book offers exercises to define the experiments you can start running tomorrow. Joris Merks-Benjaminsen is European Head of Programmes for Google Digital Academy, helping top 100 companies embed digital thinking into their strategies. His fresh thinking has won him prizes for Dialogue Marketer of the Year in 2012 and Best Marketing Literature of the Year in 2013. In his workshops he brings together marketers, brand managers, strategists, creatives, data experts, digital specialists and company leaders to jointly craft their future ready brand strategy.

    Taal / Language : English

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    Paperback / softback
    304 pagina's
    Augustus 2017
    704 gram
    248 x 197 x 21 mm
    EAN: 9789024420803
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    Levertijd: 2 tot 4 werkdagen