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  • Harry  Pijnappel,Handbook of medical taping
  • Harry  Pijnappel,Handbook of medical taping
Harry  Pijnappel,Handbook of medical taping
Handbook of Medical Taping
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Over the past few years, it has become evident that the Medical Taping Concept is a valuable
enrichment of existing therapy possibilities. In Europe in particular, CureTape has become increasingly acceptance among health-care providers. This innovative method has its roots in Japan and was only introduced into Europe in the late nineties.
The CureTape has an effect on the body`s neurological and the circulatory system including muscles, tendons, joints and organs. It stimulates the body`s self-healing process, thereby facilitating the regeneration of so called "blocked" symptoms and re-establishing normal unlimited function.
This book was written for physiotherapists, doctors, orthopaedists, sports coaches and masseurs. Due to the use of many medical terms, knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology are basic requirements for understanding the material presented in the book. The author`s aim is to provide material in such a clear and concise manner that this book can be used as a textbook and as a reference book (index).
This book provides a clear overview of the different possibilities of the Medical Taping Concept. The first chapter focuses on describing the CureTape`s effects on physical pain. These are clearly described and supported based on medical theory and literature.
This approach facilitates handling of the tape.
The second chapter presents the practical aspects of using CureTape. A variety of disorders (ranging from orthopaedic pain to organs problems) and various tape combinations are described as well. Four hundred colour photos are provided as learning aids to facilitate the mastering of these practical aspects.
The attached DVD is a unique valuable supplement. Taping is a true skill and mastering it demands a great deal of experience. In a practical and systematic manner this DVD demonstrates how the tape is to be used. The basic techniques and the different disorders including their appropriate tape combinations can be viewed these are explained in a structural context.
Harry Pijnappel, the author of this handbook, is a sports and paediatric physiotherapist who has built up considerable practical experience working with CureTape. He is a much sought-after lecturer in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and the Middle East providing workshops and lectures on the use and application of CureTape.

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