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  • Fred Feddes,Recreating Amsterdam
  • Fred Feddes,Recreating Amsterdam
Fred Feddes,Recreating Amsterdam
Recreating Amsterdam
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Thanks to the activity of Stadsherstel Amsterdam, founded in 1956, the post-war wave of renovation not only preserved the historic center of Amsterdam, it became in the meantime a current vibrant metropolis, in cultural and social sense. A city whose rich history still can be seen and which is attractive in this way for living, working, studying, business, and cultural recreation. Meanwhile Stadsherstel increased their working area and advises also abroad. The Stadsherstel formula is successful and an example for many other heritage rescuers elsewhere in the world. That was one of the reasons to create a book which combines graphic design and Amsterdam architecture in detail.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie:

Paperback / softback
608 pagina's
Met illustraties
November 2016
642 gram
177 x 118 x 42 mm
EAN: 9789461400581
Uitgeverij Architectura & Natura

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