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Mens en maatschappij algemeen
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Depaulo, Bella

Singled Out

How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After

€ 25.95

""Singled Out" debunks myths and stereotypes about single people and lays the groundwork for social, political, and economic change." -- Thomas F. Coleman, Executive Director, Unmarried America Drawing from decades of scientific research and stacks of stories from the front lines of singlehood, Bella DePaulo debunks the myths of singledom---and shows that just about everything you've heard about the benefits of getting married and the perils of staying single are grossly exaggerated or just plain wrong. Although singles are singled out for unfair treatment by the workplace, the marketplace, and the federal tax structure, they are not simply victims of this singlism--single people really are living happily ever after. BELLA DEPAULO, Ph.D., is a social psychologist who did her graduate work at Harvard. She is currently a visiting professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara. DePaulo is single and living happily ever after in Summerland, California.Visit her website at "Singled Out" Debunks Ten Myths of Singlehood, Including: -Myth--The Dark Aura of Singlehood: You are miserable and lonely and your life is tragic.-Myth--Attention, Single Women: Your work won't love you back and your eggs will dry up. Also, you don't get any and you're promiscuous.-Myth--Attention, Single Men: You are horny, slovenly, and irresponsible, and you are the scary criminals. Or you are sexy, fastidious, frivolous, and gay. "Elegant analysis, wonderfully detailed examples, and clear and witty prose...A must-read for all single adults, their friends and families, as well as social scientists and policy advocates."--E. Kay Trimberger, author of "The New Single Woman" "The singles movement is coming to a bookstore near you."--"Associated Press" "Fascinating . .this book could hardly have come at a better time. As much as societal adulation of the couple discriminates against single people, "Singled Out" suggests that it can also undermine marriage."--"The" "Christian Science Monitor"

Taal / Language : English

Singlism: The Twenty-First-Century Problem That Has No Name
Science and the Single Person
Myth #1: The Wonder of Couples
Marrieds Know Best
Myth #2: Single-Minded
You Are Interested in Just One Thing---Getting Coupled
Myth #3: The Dark Aura of Singlehood
You Are Miserable and Lonely and Your Life Is Tragic
Myth #4: It Is All About You
Like a Child, You Are Self-Centered and Immature and Your Time Isn`t Worth Anything Since You Have Nothing to Do but Play
Myth #5: Attention, Single Women
Your Work Won`t Love You Back and Your Eggs Will Dry Up. Also, You Don`t Get Any and You`re Promiscuous
Myth #6: Attention, Single Men
You Are Horny, Slovenly, and Irresponsible, and You Are the Scary Criminals. Or, You are Sexy, Fastidious, Frivolous, and Gay
Myth #7: Attention, Single Parents
Your Kids Are Doomed
Myth #8: Too Bad You`re Incomplete
You Don`t Have Anyone and You Don`t Have a Life
Myth #9: Poor Soul
You Will Grow Old Alone and You Will Die in a Room by Yourself Where No One Will Find You for Weeks
Myth #10: Family Values
Let`s Give All the Perks, Benefits, Gifts, and Cash to Couples and Call It Family Values
It is Perfectly Understandable That You Thought Singles Were Miserable and Lonely: Here`s Why
To Be or Not to Be Single: Why Does Anyone Care?
The Way We Could Be
Notes 263(28)
Bibliography 291(18)
Acknowledgments 309(6)
Index 315
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
325 pagina's
Januari 2007
299 gram
210 x 140 x 19 mm
Griffin us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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