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    Laurens Bakker, Masja Cohen, Walter Faaij,Anthropologists Wanted
    Anthropologists Wanted
    Why Organizations Need Anthropology
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    In `Anthropologists Wanted. Why Organizations Need Anthropology` the authors present a broad and inspiring survey of anthropologists in the job market. What in fact is anthropology? What skills do anthropologists have? Where do they work? How do they add value in the workplace, according to the people who hire them? And how can anthropologists showcase their qualities to employers? The book contains unique insights for anyone who plans to study, is studying, or has studied anthropology. And for employers interested in why anthropological knowledge is important.

    `Anthropologists Wanted` includes portraits of anthropologists and their diverse occupations, interviews with employers and academic counsellors` answers to frequently asked questions about degree programmes, anthropological skills, and tips to help you land that job.

    `You`ve written such a welcome book; it is proving so useful at this stage of my anthropology studies. It offers so many great insights and has given me the confidence I`ll need when applying for jobs. It should be required reading for every anthropology student!` - Razia Jaggoe, anthropology student

    Taal / Language : English

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    Paperback / softback
    184 pagina's
    Mei 2021
    269 gram
    211 x 136 x 18 mm
    EAN: 9789463722261
    AUP Educatief

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