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    Staud, René,Mercedes-Benz - The Grand Cabrios & Coupés
    Mercedes-Benz - The Grand Cabrios & Coupés
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    Mercedes-Benz: The Grand Cabrios & Coupes gives us a peek at the long-standing partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Stuttgart-based photographer, Rene Staud. Carefully staged photos show graceful curves and precision down to the finest details that convey the company`s dedication to a very special kind of driving pleasure. This volume presents the most important convertibles and related coupes from 100 years of Daimler automotive history. A special highlight is Daimler`s new flagship, a convertible based on the new S-class that is being rolled out at the 2015 IAS. Even though summer eventually comes to an end, and sunny days can give way to showers, this book stands for everlasting convertible adventures.

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