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    Nikolay Dentchev, Philippe Eiselein, Abel Diaz Gonzalez, Kris Vander Velpen, Maxime Bouckaert,A financial guide for social entrepreneurs
    A financial guide for social entrepreneurs
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    This book provides what it promises to the reader, i.e. A financial guide for social entrepreneurs. It departs from the challenges that social entrepreneurs face to fund their ventures. We discuss three main challenges in this context:

    1. Access to funding;
    2. Complexity of business models;
    3. Predominant focus on social impact.

    This book offers an overview of the different funding possibilities while presenting the main funding actors in Belgium as an illustration. Yet, we think that more is needed to survive the financial wilderness of social entrepreneurship. Therefore, we advise attention to a solid business model, supportive ecosystem, impact measurement and effective communication. The illustrative case studies and the presentation of ecosystem actors that can provide support to social entrepreneurs make this book a quite practical guide. All cases and ecosystem actors presented here come from the Belgian context, which is what we know best. We are confident that this Belgian view can inspire the international community as well. This book could be useful to social entrepreneurs, impact investors, universities, vocational training centers, corporates supporting social entrepreneurs, social impact incubators and accelerators, policymakers or everyone who wants to help a social enterprise in their journey. And please enjoy reading, our societies need more social entrepreneurship!

    Taal / Language : English

    Extra informatie:

    Paperback / softback
    123 pagina's
    April 2021
    268 gram
    241 x 158 x 10 mm
    EAN: 9789048639441
    Die Keure

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