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  • Steffen Nijhuis, Paul Thissen, Elyze Storms-Smeets,Resilient Estate Landscape Gelderland
  • Steffen Nijhuis, Paul Thissen, Elyze Storms-Smeets,Resilient Estate Landscape Gelderland
Steffen Nijhuis, Paul Thissen, Elyze Storms-Smeets,Resilient Estate Landscape Gelderland
Resilient Estate Landscape Gelderland
Past | Present | Future
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The province of Gelderland (The Netherlands) inherits many castles, country houses and estates. Together they form historic estate landscapes that partially determine the regional landscape character. Climate change and urbanisation have a significant effect on the management and protection of these heritage landscapes. An abundance and a shortage of water, spatial fragmentation and increasing pressure from recreation and tourism are only a few of the many challenges that need to be addressed. The complexity of these challenges requires a regional perspective to understand the coherence and the systemic relationships between the estates. It requires a perspective to help find common ground in which stakeholders can work together to increase the resilience and adaptability of these valuable landscapes.

Resilient Estate Landscapes Gelderland proffers a landscape-based regional approach for the understanding, planning and designing of heritage estate landscapes. It elaborates a preservation-through-planning approach that takes spatial development with historical landscape structures as a basis. In a process with meaningful stakeholder engagement and visualisation/communication, it aims to develop spatial strategies and principles founded on co-creation and collaboration while employing spatial design as an essential means.

Resilient Estate Landscapes Gelderland results from a collaborative project of TU Delft Landscape Architecture, the Province of Gelderland and heritage organisation Gelders Genootschap in the framework of the Characteristic and Sustainable Heritage (KaDEr) programme and the EU-Interreg project Innocastle. The book provides a powerful roadmap for the protection and development of future-proof estate landscapes by presenting a practice-oriented approach and its implementation in policy, planning and design. While showcasing best practices from the region and beyond, the book is a valuable resource for everyone interested in the past, present and future of heritage estate landscapes.

A Collaboration of Delft University of Technology, Province of Gelderland, Gelders Genootschap.

In the framework of KaDEr, Innocastle

Taal / Language : English

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Maart 2021
EAN: 9789492852540
Jap Sam Books / TU Delft / Province of Gelderland

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Verwacht op: 30-03-2023