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    Walter, Carl E.,The Red Dream
    The Red Dream
    The Chinese Communist Party and the Financial Deterioration of China
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    `Carl Walter has an unparalleled experience in Chinese banking stretching over 30 years. In The Red Dream he exposes the real cost of China`s obsession with GDP growth ... The Red Dream shows that not only are China`s financial foundations fragile but that the state net worth is illusionary.`
    --Fraser JT Howie, co-author, Red Capitalism

    `Over a decade ago, Walter wrote the definitive text for a generation of China watchers trying to understand the mechanics of China`s financial system. His latest offering picks up where Red Capitalism left off, providing an invaluable accounting of the fragile financial dynamics underpinning the world`s second largest economy.`
    --Dinny McMahon, author of China`s Great Wall of Debt

    `Carl Walter`s The Red Dream is a must-read. It is one of the most authoritative accounts yet of China`s economic development ... Walter worked inside China`s financial system, as a banker, for more than three decades. Now, the author of Red Capitalism takes us on a guided tour of a political and economic system that continues to baffle leading economists.`
    --David Barboza, Co-founder, The China Wire

    `Soviet-style socialism failed in China and elsewhere because it was unable to stop pouring resources into unproductive enterprises. Carl Walter shows that the CCP`s obsession with control has reproduced the same flaw in different guise, generating enormous and unsustainable debt. Unusually large by any meaningful standard, the problem portends at best the end of China`s steady economic advance, and a downside that could be much worse.`
    --Andrew G. Walder, Stanford University

    Taal / Language : English

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    288 pagina's
    September 2022
    EAN: 9781119896159
    John Wiley & Sons Inc

    Levertijd: 7 tot 14 werkdagen