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  • ,A Story of Conquest and Adventure
  • ,A Story of Conquest and Adventure
,A Story of Conquest and Adventure
A Story of Conquest and Adventure
the Large Far?marzn?me
Iranian Studies Series
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The Large Farāmarznāme (Farāmarznāme-ye bozorg), a poem from the Persian epic cycle dated to the late eleventh century, is hereby published for the first time in an English translation, in prose. The story tells how Farāmarz, a son of the famous Shāhnāme hero Rostam, conquers several provinces of India, before setting off on an extensive voyage over sea and land, leading his troops through a number of hazardous situations in various fictional countries. As a true epic hero, he displays his prowess in battle and in single combat against men, demons and various ferocious animals, in addition to experiencing a number of marvelous and romantic adventures.

Marjolijn van Zutphen obtained her PhD in 2011 at Leiden University with a dissertation on the Persian epic cycle, a series of poems that were composed in emulation of Ferdowsi`s Shāhnāme. In a joint cooperation with Abolfazl Khatibi she has produced the first critical edition of Farāmarznāme-ye bozorg.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie:
Iranian Studies Series
Paperback / softback
258 pagina's
Maart 2017
405 gram
236 x 155 x 15 mm
EAN: 9789087282721
Leiden University Press

Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen